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Product Market Fit

Are you seeing signs of an increasing disconnect between your product and its intended market, but can’t pinpoint the root cause?

We benchmark your product/s against your competition to establish your performance relative to theirs, and assess the risks to your market position.

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Whatever the issue, we’ll help figure it out.

Having a well-functioning product that stays relevant to your market and keeps your customers returning is the bedrock to building product driven growth.

If you’re asking whether reviews should be more positive or why you’re losing new customers at the onboarding stage, you likely have a product problem.

If you’re asking whether your product is losing value with your audience, are there better alternatives emerging, or whether shifting attitudes are rendering your product irrelevant, this indicates the market is changing.

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How we
do it

Our methodology adapts to your timelines, from a 2-week assessment to a detailed analysis and report in as little as 5 weeks.

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Product Market Fit survey

We run a survey with your customers asking how they value your product and what more they would like from you. We run the same survey with your core competitors’ customers and provide you with a clear benchmark and your current PMF score.

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External analysis

We go deeper on the most compelling insights. We look at how your customers needs might develop and what emerging trends could constitute a threat. We identify opportunities to increase your relevance with your target market.

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Detailed risk report

Finally, we consolidate all insights to present a detailed report on your product market fit today and the key risk areas that might threaten your position in the future. This enables you to mitigate risk and focus on the areas you need to improve to keep pace with your customers.

What you’ll gain from working with us

Key insights

-A rapid analysis of your product experience

-Research insights on market trends

- A benchmark against your competitors

External perspective

-Insights on how your customers perceive your product

- No stakeholder involvement or data sharing on your end

Enabling you to manage risk

-We provide you with a PMF score that you can revisit anually

-A point of view on how your customers needs might develop

-Analysis on which emerging trends could produce a threat

-We identify opportunities to increase your relevance with your

target marget

-We identify opportunities to increase your relevance with your target marget

We’ve done this before

We’ve used our Product Market Fit process to gather customer insights, audit competitors' performance, establish key areas of risk, and identify opportunities for various leading digital businesses.

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